Does Retail Market in India Need FDI in Multi – Brand Retail Trade?

Himachalapathy Rajabather, Jothilingam Kuppusamy, Manvendra Sharma, Saravanan Rangaswamy



Indian economy is the fourth largest economy in the World. As the rate of the economic growth increases, per capita income increases which leads especially, to increase of the income level of the middle and higher income group in India. The disposable income of the middle and higher income group also increases. The increase in the purchasing power of common individual leads to an increase in the Household Final Consumption Expenditure, and it calls for Modern Organised Retail Market. Modern retail market is the need of the hour as there is a change in consumer behavior and buying attitudes. This study is attempted to investigate the status of Retail Market in India with a special reference to Household Final Consumption Expenditure and need for the modernization of Organised Retail Market and expansion of Organized Retail Market.

KEY WORDS: Organized Retail Market, Household Final Consumption Expenditure

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