English Teaching Policy Analysis: Flaws and the Implications among Malaysian Secondary Schools Students and Teachers

Edwin Michael


Education policy is a leading indicator for a country to progress the pedagogy and systematize the educational system in teaching. Throughout many years, the serious flaws of English language teaching (ELT) policy in Malaysia have caused the policy-makers to become more difficult and controversial in making decision of related policy. The main reasons are because lack of consideration towards the publics’ needs and unmatched with professional implications. This literature research is about to reveal the causes of the flaws. Based on the literatures, there are four aspects, which are English grading system and syllabus, students’ attitudes, perceptions and backgrounds, teachers’ qualifications and society views, have been found out as the crucial causes and influences toward the flaws of ELT policy. In the course of discussion, the government and current ELT policy are critiqued as not fulfilling the ideas of pluralism and democracy.

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